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Three anthropomorphic hippos (one female, two male) attempt to teach children how to happy-slap one person and another

The Happy-Slapping Hippos™ is an educational television program about three hippos teaching kids how to happy-slap, as well as doing irresponsible behaviour. It also got a theme park, named Happy-Slapping Hippo Land.

Theme Song Edit

We're happy and we're slappy, we're The Happy-Slappin' Hippos™!

Merchandise Edit

  • Happy-Slapping Hippos™ Cereal (now with vitamin H!)
  • Happy-Slapping Hippos™ Scrumptious Chocolate Bar
  • Happy-Slapping Hippos™ Foil Balloon (recalled for fire hazard)
  • Happy-Slapping Hippos™ Action Figures
  • Happy-Slapping Hippos™ Playset
  • Get Fit! The Happy-Slapping Hippos™ Fatkid Exercising DVD
  • Happy-Slapping Hippos™ TV Dinner Kit
  • Happy-Slapping Hippos™: The Complete Boxset
  • Happy-Slapping Hippo Land™

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