As you may have recognised, Horry Henry is a fun project that gives users the freedom to publish their own comical material. However, in order to reduce clutter, vandalism and inappropriate material, we have enforced some rules here.

Should these rules be broken, we apologise and will take action on the matter as soon as we can. If you deem any content to be excessively inappropriate, feel free to edit it out. Please also note that most content of what this wiki holds is not suitable for users under the age of 13.

Please note that since BallisticBiscuit has been permanently blocked on Wikia, there are no active admins. However, Drdevilfx is considering adopting it.


Dirty language must be kept to a minimum. Minor obscenities such as "crap" or "damn" are only acceptable when they come from character speech or a location name. Stronger words such as "f**k" and similarly intense profanities from other languages are not tolerated at all.

Racist contentEdit

Racism will only be tolerated if the racism is minor and from a character (e.g Horry Henry making fun of a Chinese person) - it will not be tolerated if it is strong and/or used in other contexts.

Sexual contentEdit

Contributors are not allowed to publish extreme sexual content to this wiki. Inclusion of hugging and kissing scenes is accepted, however we won't tolerate descriptions about sexual intercourse, erections or other forms of pornography. Images and videos depicting people showing cleavage and/or dressed in bikinis is allowed; however, other types of sexual content are banned.

Violent contentEdit

Descriptions of moderately violent scenes are allowed, as long as they do not reference cruelty to animals. However, we will not tolerate violent images and videos.


Vandalism in any circumstance is not acceptable here. All vandalism we discover will be reverted and repeat offenders will be blocked.

Article clarityEdit

In order to maintain a professional appearance and reduce clutter, all articles on this wiki must be written and organised clearly. Minor clarity issues can easily be identified and fixed by other contributors, however if an article is extremely unclear, we may be unable to salvage its original meaning. For this reason, articles which are very unclear are likely to be deleted.

Hate pagesEdit

Do not create an article or talk page topic with the sole purpose of being hateful or ranting about something. This wiki is not here for you to rant about things.

Claiming ownershipEdit

As this wiki is a collaborative project, no user "owns" any part of it. With the exception of your own user page, you can't claim any page is yours. Though you are in charge of what goes on your user page, it must still follow the rules.

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