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Welcome to the Horry Henry Wiki! It's a parody/fanon wiki of Horrid Henry, but thirteen times better! (I think)

This wiki is not intended for any Horrid Henry fan, but anybody can be eager to contribute!

Horry Henry

Before you start contributing, be sure to read the rules. Hopefully you won't break them. Also, if you're interested in this wiki, be sure to check out The Bully Wiki and the Pot Noodle Parody Wiki! Don't forget to ask Drdevilfx and NKpower if you need any help with the wiki.

Horry Henry is:Edit

  • Very evil, basically Horrid Henry's evil twin!
  • Very funny, well loved by the community!
  • Very awesome!
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Main article Horry Henry (TV series)

Horry Henry was a TV show that used to air on ITV, Cartoon Network, and Teletoon. Unlike Horrid Henry, the show was marketed to be more ruder and cruder than the other, and most characters had different names (Perfect Peter being named 'Perplexed Peter' for example) and places were renamed. Series 1 aired in 2014, then was followed by Series 2 in 2015. Series 3 also aired in 2016 and a fourth series is considered to be released in 2017.

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